Secondary Glazing

Our secondary windows have all been designed to be strong, reliable, long-lasting and, especially, very discreet and unobtrusive when installed.

They provide a multitude of benefits, some obvious, some less so. The major benefits of secondary double glazing can be split into four categories:

Thermal Insulation

Our standard secondary glazing substantially reduces the heat loss from single glazing and additionally they can be made even more energy efficient by:

• specifying Low “E” heat reflective glass

• glazing them with “A” Rated sealed units

Whichever option you choose:

• they will save energy

• reduce heating bills

• improve the Energy Rating

• add to your comfort

Sound & Noise Insulation

Our secondary glazing specified for sound insulation achieves significant levels of noise reduction & sound proofing:

We use specialist laminated acoustic glass to maximise the noise reduction from all types of obtrusive noise, such as:

• general street noise

• traffic noise

• aeroplane & airport noise

• railway, station & train noise

So now you can enjoy your time at home without being disturbed by outside noise – and then get a good night’s sleep!

Condensation Control

Where condensation on windows and condensation generally is a problem, we:

• specify the secondary glazing with balanced trickle ventilation

• advise on ventilation & any other contributing factors

• provide a simple, cost-effective and permanent solution

Window Security

Our secondary double glazing improves home security by adding an additional barrier against unauthorized entry that cannot be opened from the outside.

All standard products improve security & for higher risk situations we upgrade the specifications as appropriate to include a selection of further measures:

• deadlocks

• multi-point locking

• limited opening restrictors

• toughened glass

• laminated security glass

• Secured by Design

These measures are very effective for protecting particularly vulnerable windows and doors, for example on the ground floor rear of the property.

Secondary windows provide all the thermal insulation & soundproofing that modern living standards demand, whilst preserving the character and appearance of older properties:

• secondary glazing is not subject to Conservation Area restrictions and is generally recommended and approved for Listed Buildings

• can be manufactured with arched & curved heads & as circles & semi-circles to match the existing windows